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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one,
MARY DORGAN who was born in United States, state Iowa on June 8, 1950 and passed away on December 7th,2011

Mary Ann Dorgan, 61, loving wife, caring mother and doting grandmother, of Rapid City, died Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at the Rapid City Regional Auxiliary Hospice House. She was born June 8, 1950, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At an early age, she moved with her parents, Wilbur and Martha (Hopping) Doxsee, to Little Falls, Minn., then to Rochester where she graduated from Mayo High School. After graduation, Mary joined the United States Air Force and served as an operating room technician. While at Ellsworth Air Force Base, she met John Dorgan and they were married at the base chapel on December 9, 1972. After Mary was discharged, they travelled around the world, stationed in Turkey, Washington, DC, Boston, Cheyenne, Wyo., Hawaii and Alaska. While in Turkey, on April 26, 1977, Mary gave birth to their daughter, Marie. When John retired in 1993, the family returned to live in Rapid City. Mary worked at Rapid City Regional Hospital for 18 years as a nurse on the medical floor. When not at work, Mary ran herd on the family’s dogs – Scooby, Scrappy and Shelby. Mary and John enjoyed driving their sports car and exploring the country on their Honda Goldwing motorcycle. They also enjoyed traveling in their motorhome and camping. Mary loved to craft. Friends and family often were the recipients of her beautifully hand-made birthday, holiday cards.
Mary and I were both adopted, we both were chosen, i was adopted in 1948 and she was in 1950. Both from Hillcrest Baby Fold as it was called in those days.
Mary was a real tom boy when she was growing up, she would fall and get right back up to do it again. One time when we were camping as a family she rode down some ragging river rapids on her butt. She forgot the raft.
Mary was a very giving person, she never thought about herself, but others her whole life. I suspect she was sicker then she let on, i could hear it in her voice, but she did not want other's to worry, even though we did.
We kept in touch but not as much as i would have liked, due to always being busy, this happens sometimes in peoples lives, i regret that now.
Mary was very easy to please, she was happy with anything anyone did for her. She was not a fancy or pretentious person.
She came to terms with her illness and I think was ready to go on, she was very concerned about the effect it was having to those she loved around her and told me she hated to put her family and friends through this too.
I take comort in that she had a very good loving life, although short she was loved and cared for/she knew it.
I would not wish her  back and be in the pain she was. She is no longer in pain and is young and in Gods care.
I will look for you Mary when it is my turn, save me a seat. Maybe we can go down the river rapids together, but bring a raft or boat this time.
I will miss you greatly.
I hope all your loved ones and mine can come to this place to find peace and to write thier feelings.


mary legecy / JOHN   (brother)

My sister Mary Dorgan died last December in Rapids City, SD.  When we visited for her funeral, we learned that she had been very active in her church, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, and will always be remembered there for two activities that were close to her heart.  One was her macramé hospice comforters.  The other is little popcorn ornaments, St. Andrews now refers to as, “Mary Balls”. 

Here is how you make them:

You’ll need:

  • Clean and dry clear glass ornaments.  These are the 2” and 3” ones available at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or JoAnns. 
  • Plain popcorn. Don’t use the microwave kind, because it’s all greasy and will make the inside of the ornament cloudy which can’t be cleaned.
  •  A brown paper lunch bag
  • A small microwave safe dish

Remove the metal top from the ornament and fill it with about 25 kernels for a 2” ball or 35 kernels for a 3” ball. You can experiment with the number as microwaves and popcorn kernels all work differently.  Place the ornament upright in a custard dish or paper bag and microwave on high for 1-2 minutes.  I don’t use the bag as I like to see the popping action so I can be certain to shut off the microwave before things start to burn or popping stops.  The paper bag keeps any popcorn escapees contained or captures any rare ornament breakage – it’s up you which way to go.

Shake out any unpopped kernels once things cool and replace the metal top on the ornament.  Finish with a ribbon bow, bell or other accessory.  You can also add glitter or other showy things inside of the ornament before popping, but make sure there is no metal in it unless you like microwave fireworks.

Let’s all remember our loved ones with Mary Balls this Christmas!

Paul Doxsee

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